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Hacker News Trends

Phi-2: The surprising power of small language modelsHN

📜 Description: Microsoft introduces Phi-2, a research initiative that explores the capabilities of small-scale language models, demonstrating surprising efficiency and effectiveness.

Show HN: Visualize rotating objects from the 4th, 5th, nth dimensionsHN

📜 Description: An interactive project that enables users to visualize and understand the complexities of objects rotating in higher dimensions beyond the conventional 3D space.

The Great Transformation by Polanyi [pdf]HN

📜 Description: A comprehensive analysis of Karl Polanyi's seminal work "The Great Transformation", offering insights into economic and societal shifts.

An 'AI' fast food drive-thru is mostly just human workers in the PhilippinesHN

📜 Description: An exposé revealing that a supposedly automated AI-driven fast food drive-thru relies predominantly on manual labor by workers in the Philippines.

Native AmericaHN

📜 Description: A platform dedicated to educating and sharing information about the indigenous lands, languages, and territories of Native America.

Who would give this guy millions to build his own UtopiaHN

📜 Description: An intriguing story about an individual receiving significant funding to create a Utopian city, challenging conventional urban development norms.

GPT-4 outperforms Med-PaLM 2 with powerful prompting strategiesHN

📜 Description: A breakthrough in AI research where GPT-4 surpasses Med-PaLM 2 in performance through innovative prompting strategies, marking a significant advancement.

November 2023 Rust Jobs ReportHN

📜 Description: A detailed report on the job market for Rust developers in November 2023, providing insights into industry trends and employment opportunities.

Ask HN: Got contacted by LLM scam-bot on Telegram. How to DoS it?HN

📜 Description: A discussion on Hacker News about dealing with a scam-bot on Telegram using a Large Language Model (LLM) and exploring ways to disable it.

GitHub Trends

linexjlin / GPTs


📖 Description: Leaked prompts of GPTs

practical-tutorials / project-based-learning


📖 Description: Curated list of project-based tutorials

illacloud / illa-builder


📖 Description: Retool open-source alternative, with low-code UI components and support for multiple data resources.

mistralai / mistral-src


📖 Description: Reference implementation of Mistral AI 7B v0.1 model.

codecrafters-io / build-your-own-x


📖 Description: Master programming by recreating your favorite technologies from scratch.

swisskyrepo / PayloadsAllTheThings


📖 Description: A list of useful payloads and bypass for Web Application Security and Pentest/CTF

Mintplex-Labs / anything-llm


📖 Description: Open-source ChatGPT equivalent experience for both open and close source LLMs, embedders, and vector databases. Supports unlimited documents, threads, and concurrent users and management all in a very clean UI.

mli / paper-reading


📖 Description: Deep learning classic and new papers in-depth reading

pandora-next / deploy


📖 Description: Pandora Cloud + Pandora Server + Shared Chat + BackendAPI Proxy + Chat2API + Signup Free = PandoraNext. New GPTs(Gizmo) UI, All in one!

Google Trends

Champions League

🔊Search Volume: 500000

🔥 Popularity Reason: The Champions League's group stage is reaching its conclusion, with suspenseful matches in Groups A to D.

UEFA Champions League

🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: The UEFA Champions League group stage is nearing its end, with the final fixtures in Matchday 6.

Real Madrid

🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Real Madrid is trending due to various news, including Rodrygo's performance helping Real Madrid keep pace with Girona in La Liga, their upcoming match in the UEFA Champions League, and transfer news about Kylian Mbappe.

Kate Micucci

🔊Search Volume: 20000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Actress and comedian Kate Micucci recently revealed her lung cancer diagnosis and surgery.

Kanye West

🔊Search Volume: 20000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Kanye West announced the release date and tracklist for his new joint album with Ty Dolla $ign, marking his return to music.

PSV vs Arsenal

🔊Search Volume: 20000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Arsenal claimed a 1-1 draw at PSV in their final Champions League Group B match.


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