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Hacker News Trends

Write your own retro compilerHN

📜 Description: This post explores the process of creating a retro-style compiler, providing insights and methodologies for those interested in compiler design and vintage computing.

AST-grep(sg) is a CLI tool for code structural search, lint, and rewritingHN

📜 Description: AST-grep(sg) offers a command-line interface for effectively searching, linting, and rewriting code structures, enhancing code analysis and refactoring capabilities.

Audiobox: Meta's new foundation research model for audio generationHN

📜 Description: Audiobox is Meta's latest foundational research model focused on audio generation, presenting a groundbreaking approach to creating realistic audio from natural language prompts.

Omg.lol: An Oasis on the InternetHN

📜 Description: Omg.lol offers a refreshing and unique internet experience, described as an oasis, blending social networking, personal branding, and digital creativity.

Trippy – A Network Diagnostic ToolHN

📜 Description: Trippy is a sophisticated network diagnostic tool that provides comprehensive insights and analysis for network troubleshooting and optimization.

Things I learned from teachingHN

📜 Description: This article shares valuable lessons and insights gained from the experience of teaching, emphasizing the importance of communication and adaptability in education.

Linux: Ext4 data corruption in 6.1.64-1HN

📜 Description: A critical issue in Linux involving data corruption in Ext4 file systems with version 6.1.64-1, highlighting the need for immediate attention and resolution.

Cramming a tiny program into a tiny ELF fileHN

📜 Description: This technical exploration delves into the challenge of fitting a small program into a minimal ELF file, demonstrating skillful coding and optimization techniques.

Fuzzy Finding with Emacs Instead of FzfHN

📜 Description: The article introduces an alternative to Fzf for fuzzy finding in Emacs, offering an in-depth look at its capabilities and advantages in text searching and editing.

GitHub Trends

linexjlin / GPTs


📖 Description: leaked prompts of GPTs

ml-explore / mlx-examples


📖 Description: Examples in the MLX framework

PRIS-CV / DemoFusion


📖 Description: Let us democratise high-resolution generation! (arXiv 2023)

jmpoep / vmprotect-3.5.1


📖 Description: C++

prasanthrangan / hyprdots


📖 Description: Aesthetic, dynamic and minimal dots for Arch hyprland

MichaelYuhe / ai-group-tabs


📖 Description: A Chrome extension helps you group your tabs with AI.

mli / paper-reading


📖 Description: 深度学习经典、新论文逐段精读

SuperDuperDB / superduperdb


📖 Description: SuperDuperDB: Bring AI to your database: Integrate, train and manage any AI models and APIs directly with your database and your data.

ByteByteGoHq / system-design-101


📖 Description: Explain complex systems using visuals and simple terms. Help you prepare for system design interviews.

Google Trends


🔊Search Volume: 500000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Rams push Ravens to overtime but fall short on walk-off punt return

Buffalo Bills

🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Bills escape with much-needed win against Chiefs


🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Bengals vs Colts NFL Week 14 live score, game updates


🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: 49ers vs. Seahawks game updates


🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Eminem death hoax spreads online

USC basketball

🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Bronny James scores first basket in USC basketball debut


🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Vikings bench QB Joshua Dobbs for Nick Mullens

Frank Wycheck

🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Former Titans Tight End Frank Wycheck Dies at Age 52

Trevor Lawrence

🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Trevor Lawrence's injured ankle holds up, Jaguars collapse under litany of mistakes


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