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Gemini "duck" demo was not done in realtime or with voice

📜 Description: A discussion about the Gemini "duck" demo, clarifying that it was not done in real-time or with voice.

Building end-to-end security for Messenger

📜 Description: An article detailing the efforts to build comprehensive security measures for Facebook Messenger.

Long context prompting for Claude 2.1

📜 Description: Exploring the capabilities of Claude 2.1 in understanding and responding to long context prompts.

Lithium “shortage” bubble implodes again

📜 Description: An analysis of the recurring fluctuations in the lithium market, highlighting the recent implosion of the perceived lithium shortage bubble.

Behind the scenes of Sound ID in Merlin – Identify birds using your phone (2021)

📜 Description: A behind-the-scenes look at the development of the Sound ID feature in the Merlin app, which helps users identify birds by their sounds.

Purple Llama: Towards open trust and safety in generative AI

📜 Description: An overview of Meta's Purple Llama project, focusing on building trust and safety measures in generative AI technologies.

Researchers have discovered magnetic monopole quasi-particles

📜 Description: A breakthrough discovery by researchers who have identified quasi-particles that resemble magnetic monopoles.

Games Nintendo didn't want you to play: Tengen (2022)

📜 Description: An article exploring the history of Tengen games, focusing on the titles that Nintendo did not want the public to play.

23andMe updates their TOS to force binding arbitration

📜 Description: 23andMe has updated their Terms of Service, now including a clause that mandates binding arbitration for disputes.

GitHub Trends



📖 Description: Cross-platform iMessage POC



📖 Description: MagicAnimate: Temporally Consistent Human Image Animation using Diffusion Model



📖 Description: Official code for 'Style Aligned Image Generation via Shared Attention'



📖 Description: Magicoder: Source Code Is All You Need



📖 Description: Let us democratise high-resolution generation! (arXiv 2023)



📖 Description: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity



📖 Description: A tool for retrieving WeChat account information (nickname/account/phone/email/database key/wxid); PC WeChat database read, decryption script; chat record viewing tool; chat record export to html (including voice and pictures). Supports multiple account information retrieval, supports all versions of WeChat.



📖 Description: StyleX is the styling system for ambitious user interfaces.



📖 Description: SuperDuperDB: Bring AI to your database: Integrate, train and manage any AI models and APIs directly with your database and your data.

Google Trends

Pearl Harbor Day

🔊Search Volume: 200000

🔥 Popularity Reason: 82nd anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.


🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Hanukkah begins at nightfall on December 7, 2023.

LEGO Fortnite

🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: The LEGO Group and Epic Games announced LEGO Fortnite, going live inside Fortnite on December 7, 2023.

Game Awards 2023

🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: The Game Awards 2023 is happening on December 7, 2023.


🔊Search Volume: 100000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Thursday Night Football game featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers.


🔊Search Volume: 50000

🔥 Popularity Reason: News roundup for Golden State Warriors, including Jonathan Kuminga s performance.

The Day Before

🔊Search Volume: 50000

🔥 Popularity Reason: The game "The Day Before" is set for release on December 7, 2023.

Casey Wilson

🔊Search Volume: 50000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Casey Wilson shared her experience working with Tim Allen on The ‘Santa Clauses’ series.


🔊Search Volume: 50000

🔥 Popularity Reason: Tottenham Hotspur‘s Premier League game against West Ham United.


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